Our Work

Shiyan, China

The Team, in collaboration with the University of Cardiff have been commissioned by Shiyan Government to produce initial proposals for the Shiyan Han River Eco- Economic Zone Eco Town Development Plan.  Dangjiangkou is the central core water resource of ‘Diverting south water to the north project’ which needs to protect water quality and improve eco protection. The Han River Eco-Economic Belt lies within the heart of a region in the northern part of Hubei Province which has seen a significant change in recent years as a direct result of the gradual filling of the lake system within the Han River catchment basin. This has resulted in a major new landscape feature which presents the region with both challenges and new opportunities as the process of rising water levels is planned to continue for approximately 10 years. The steady process by which the new water system has been created has caused a number of significant adjustments to the adjacent agricultural, infrastructure, tourism and urbanisation sectors. This has also initiated a number of subtle changes to the environment, both physically and in terms of biodiversity and ecology.

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