Our Work

Calais Waterfront, France

In 2013, The Team were chosen by the town of Calais in the north of France to undertake a strategic study for the redevelopment of the city’s sea front. This initiative took place at a time of great change for the neighbourhood which will soon become home to a new congress centre and dune based public park. The analysis of the site highlighted important urban, visual, economic and social issues. The study started with an evaluation of the opportunities and constraints for the regeneration of the area and a complete evaluation of the quality of the public space. The sea front is an isolated and poorly functioning growth and economic development. Several strategic scenarios were devised looking at ways to create a lively and attractive neighbourhood for residents and visitors alike. After an extensive public consultation exercise, the final proposition retains strong links with the city centre and creates a large public area to allow for a promenade linking the different key features of the sea front.

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Plan Calais base phase 2 scenario 2 REVU EMILIE-01.jpg
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