Our Work


Situ has been established as a specialist Planning and Design consultancy to continue the work previously undertaken by the BWI brand. Led by Managing Director Nick Sweet, the Situ team offers Strategic Planning, Urban Design, Architecture and Landscape Design as core disciplines to global markets with particular emphasis on new community planning, urban renewal, mixed-use planning and public realm design.

The firm offers a balance of skills that allows both public and private sector clients to commission expertise at a number of levels; as Client Advisors, assisting with the guidance of strategic initiatives; as a Specialist multi-disciplinary Design Team in response to complex design challenges or as a component of a Consortium or Joint Venture delivering the detailed design of the Built Environment.

Our integrated approach, supported by a comprehensive understanding of the full development process, positions Situ at the forefront of design thought and the creation of sustainable solutions for cities in the 21st Century. We aim to meet or exceed our clients expectations and we look forward to working with people who are as passionate as we are about creating better places for people.