Our Work

Al Shaqab Hotel, Doha, Qatar

Our team of Landscape Designers worked with David Chipperfield Architects, VOGT and Veretec to create two key sections the first of which is hotel accommodation in the form of 70 luxury rooms and leisure facilities – as well as villas which were designed to accommodate horses.   

In addition the hotel features a major equestrian facility which is themed to link with equestrian activities including a training track and 3 day event course. 

The landscape concept is based on the contrast between the ‘extensive’ dry woodland environment which is proposed for the greater part of the site and the richly diverse ‘intensive’ environment that defines the central oasis at the heart of the hotel.

AL Shaqab 1.0.jpg
Al Shaqab Hotel.jpg
AL Shaqab 2.0.jpg
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