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Towaiq Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

After an international competition in 1981, Omrania in association with Frei Otto and Buro Happold were awarded the design and site supervision of what was then called the Diplomatic Club. The Towaiq Palace is a response to the unique opportunities presented by the site, a design worthy of the majestic promontory site overlooking the sweeping Wadi Hanifah. Statistically, the Towaiq Palace which was originally designed as a club for the Diplomatic Community contains 24,000 m.sq. of recreational, social, dining, banqueting, conference and accommodation functions. Such diverse functions as a tenpin bowling alley, crèche, billiards, library, secretariats and hotel rooms are combined with the usual club facilities of swimming, tennis, squash, sauna, exercise, lounges, social rooms and formal and informal dining. All technical, mechanical and staff-related functions to support such a facility are included within the Palace. Omrania was awarded in 1998 the AGA KHAN AWARD for Architecture for the project renamed the Towaiq Palace. His Royal Majesty the King of Spain presented the Award.

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