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The Al Loundah Project, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Al Loundah Project is a joint venture with Omrania & Associates for a large mixed use development in the highly sought after northern suburbs of Riyadh. The Al Loundah Project will offer a residential community which is self sustaining and rich in easily accessible complimentary services, entertainment and leisure facilities. The proposal is aimed primarily at the medium to high income bracket amongst Saudi nationals and, to a lesser extent, expatriates. The environment will be green and the landscape fertile, the air will be clean and far removed from the city’s pollution. The northern suburbs are already a largely residential area, away from the industrial business of the growing city. The development of the Al Loundah scheme and other neighbouring residential sites will result in an influx of approximately 300,000 people to the northern area of the city.

The proposed scheme contains over 12,000 dwellings, a community club & retreat, ancillary retail, office space, schools, mosques and a significant new destination retail/leisure mall.

ground level view1.jpg
ground level view2.jpg
NRLD Rendered masterplan 1.jpg