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Al Warsan Exotic Facility, Dubai, UAE

The Team worked in collaboration with LPPC, a consortium led by Omrania & Associates, to produce an exotic bird species element to be developed alongside the team’s existing proposals for a native wetland facility. The Native scheme lies in the heart of the International City development by Nakheel and is aimed at enhancing habitats on a 25 hectare freshwater lake system formed at the outlet of the local sewage treatment plant. Proposals include new and extended habitats, a Visitor Centre and visitor interpretation trails.

The Exotic facility responds to a client requirement to extend the potential for the scheme to interpret wildfowl, providing a distinct contrast between the 280 species likely to be attracted to the wetland and a potential 300 species planned to be accommodated in a contained, free-flight environment. The facility is conceived as a captive fragment of sub-tropical Rain Forest, reflecting international concern over the 106,000 square kilometres of this precious and irreplaceable resource that is lost every year through human intervention.

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