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Fradley Park, Lichfield

The Team’s masterplanners were appointed by Evans of Leeds to make a case for converting a former RAF airbase into a mixed use residential neighbourhood with up to 1,000 new homes and a primary school. Part of the original base had already been redeveloped as a B8 employment park and a small local centre associated with this was located at the corner of the remaining land. A change to residential use would not only maximise land values but would also provide a natural extension to Fradley Village affording a great opportunity for the existing community to grow sustainably within its current development footprint. The layout of streets and spaces is organised to reflect the site’s history and the alignment of the former runway is used as an organising axis to create a legible neighbourhood with a strong sense of place. Existing assets such as the canal, waterside pub and on-site shops and facilities are woven into the scheme using the public footpath network and extended movement routes to maximise connectivity.  

18255-01-G Draft masterplan - for DAS-01.jpg
3D Section - Pond Front.jpg